Becky Schroeder

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” —Robert Browning

writer & maternal mental health advocate


Losing A Pet Left A Hole In My Heart

The day I met Nina I was at a friend’s barbecue in San Francisco. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a brick of a dog running straight for my knees. As she got closer, she showed no…
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My Baby Went To Daycare

My daughter started daycare today. And by daycare I mean my sister’s house where at 9am we were enthusiastically greeted by my niece who repeatedly yelled, “Baby, baby, baby” as she ran to the door to hug us. I know…
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How I Became Comfortable In My Own Skin

When I was in my mid-twenties I went to a party where I met a woman who had just turned thirty. Unsure now why the question entered my mind, I asked her if anything about this birthday felt different for…
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friendship, introvert

A Letter From Your Introverted Friend

Dear Friend, Lately I’ve been worried that you might be thinking I don’t care for you as much as I do. I need you to know I care for you deeply and consider you a great friend. I promise. We…
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Why Today Will Be the Day I Donate to Suicide Prevention

I strolled my precious baby to the mailbox this morning to get the mail like we do together almost every day. Inside was a piece of mail from San Francisco Suicide Prevention, a familiar envelope I receive regularly from their dedicated fundraising team…
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A Red Bird In A Green Tree

It was an early spring day in Wisconsin and our frozen state was beginning to thaw from one of the coldest winters in the state’s history, affectionately called the Polar Vortex of 2013. As I stared out my living room window…
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My Worst Symptom Of All

My bedroom scares me. When I walk into the dark room at night and slowly pull back the covers on my bed, I feel the anxious ball of energy beginning to form in my stomach. I hear the thoughts telling…
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I Had A Friend Come Over

Since my daughter’s birth most of my visitors have been family and close friends. So when one of these visitors come knocking I don’t care much if I have dirty pots in the sink, if my mascara is under my…
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Colic what?

There were so many challenging things about having a baby with colic. Too many to talk about in one blog post. One thing that stands out today and that has bothered me since I found out my daughter had colic…
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new mom

You are the best thing

There are a lot of new babies in my life currently and more on the way. It seriously feels like a baby frenzy around here. I’ve sometimes felt badly that when I talk with these new moms or moms to…
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Reach out

The first question most people ask you when you’re a new mom is, “How are you doing?” or “How are you feeling?” Braving a smile and downplaying my feelings got old for me real fast. Not only was it exhausting,…
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Beauty In Imperfection

When I lived in San Francisco my husband and I would frequent a small, local art gallery just a block from our apartment. It was one of our weekly activities usually stopping in before going out to dinner at one…
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